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Veta Marketing is Your
End-to-End Marketing Solution

At Veta Marketing, we pride ourselves on being versatile. Although we specialize in social media marketing, we aim to be the one and only marketing agency you need. Not only is this convenient for you; it's also good for our business. Anything marketing related, we'll get it done!

Our Services

Veta's Services

Find solutions to your problems with our wide variety of services

Meta Advertisments

This includes managing paid ads on Facebook and Instagram. Social media is the most effective form of advertising with very low CPMs. We will set up and manage an ad account focused on driving actions of your choice.

Website Building/SEO

At the core of any modern businesses is the website. Businesses need websites, especially if they want to advertise on the internet. Additionally, we include SEO optimization with all of our website builds so you can be found on Google

Organic Social Media Management

A presence on social media can be crucial in increasing the average LTV of your customers. People love seeing their local businesses on social media! 


Many different businesses can benefit from Google ads, even if you are locally based! Google ads allow us to put your site right on the top of Google search results!


TikTok is the fastest growing platform in the world. Although the younger generations are the primary users of TikTok, its rapid growth has led to users with an older average age every year.

Community Based Marketing

We are based in West Central Minnesota and will develop a curated marketing strategy targeted to your community.

Our Featured Projects

Sota Lake Properties

"Veta Marketing re-created our Sota Lake Properties website, updating everything to be more user friendly and streamline. We are very happy with the results. Brayden and Jaxon are young entrepreneurs and have an amazing drive and work ethic to successfully run their business. They are open to new creative ideas, and made our website exactly the way we wanted it. They are also prompt on making changes and additions. The most valuable thing about working with them is the level of follow up they have done, with checking in often throughout the process, making sure everything was perfect. We will continue to utilize them for our web services, and strongly encourage anyone looking for new fresh ideas to give them a try!"

Sota Interior Desktop Screenshot.png
Sota Interior Phone Screenshot.png

Lakes Family Eyecare


Sota Interior Desktop Screenshot.png
Sota Interior Phone Screenshot.png

Tumbleweed Designs

"I am extremely happy with the professional service I received from Veta Marketing. Brayden and Jaxon met the deadlines, budget and expectations for my new website. They listened to my needs and helped me understand the background of how the site operates. Everything is very user friendly, aesthetically pleasing and functional. Thank you Veta... it is exactly what I was needing to jumpstart my business!"

Sota Interior Desktop Screenshot.png
Sota Interior Phone Screenshot.png

Veta Merchandise Store

Veta Store

Ready to find out more?

Veta offers a $99 in-person or online consultation in order to develop a strategy for you to reach your marketing goals. If you are interested, you can contact us through email, phone or by using the booking feature on our website. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

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